Photo: Chingaza National Park, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Research interests: causal inference, (optimal) dynamic treatment regimes, adaptive designs, impact evaluation, United States criminal justice reform, socioeconomic development in Colombia 

My postdoctoral research under the direction of Dr. Michael Kosorok is in the areas of precision medicine, machine learning (including deep learning), causal inference, and data science.

My doctorate was funded by an F31 NIH grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for which Dr. Maya Petersen served as my primary sponsor, and Drs. Elvin Geng and Mark van der Laan served as co-sponsors. This project leveraged data from a Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) called Adaptive Strategies for Preventing and Treating Lapses of Retention in HIV Care (ADAPT-R; PIs: Drs. Petersen and Geng) to estimate individualized treatment rules that optimize patient retention in HIV care. My methodological research under this grant explored methods for estimating, evaluating, and implementing optimal dynamic treatment rules.

I also closely collaborate with Dr. Jennifer Skeem, applying point-treatment and longitudinal causal inference estimation techniques to study: (1) individualized interventions for reducing recidivism among adult offenders with mental illness; and (2) the effect of specialty versus traditional probation on probationers’ future re-arrest and violence.